Customized decoration for CHR Hansen

A customized decoration designed by Tolonensis Creation for CHR Hansen company

Special ornaments for corporates Tolonensis Creation designed a customized decoration for the company Chr. Hansen France SAS, a subsidiary of the danish Chr. Hansen Holding. The wall ornament is presented in the reception hall. Based on the Little PLanet concept developped by Tolonensis Creation, which offers thematic and customized possibilities…

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Ambient Led lamp Warsaw

Lampa Led Warszawa

An original lamp for a warm atmosphere Tolonensis Creation designed 2 Led lamps on the thematic of Poland featuring very original and unique models Varsovia (Warsaw) and Cracovia (Cracow). These lamps are equipped with a Led strip fitted in a light bar. Plugin is performed using an external 220V/12V adapter…

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Bookend Mermaid of Warsaw

Warszawska Syrenka

Warszawska Syrenka bookend Tolonensis Creation has designed a beautiful and unique bookend depicting the Mermaid of Warsaw. This graphic representation of the symbol of the polish city will be fully suited for home fittings and library decoration. The aim of the author was to propose a new representation of the…

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Polish Folk new Design

Polish Folk bookends Tolonensis Creation designed a range of very original bookends dedicated to Polish Folk and traditions. These new modern stylized creations will be well suited to enhance and customized home libraries and shelves. Models presented are : > bookends Krakowiacy, > bookend Górale, > bookend Warsaw (Warszawska Syrenka…

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Project for a mermaid bookend

Syrenka Podpórka

The symbol of Warsaw for a bookend Hereafer is presented a bookend project which drawns inspiration in the Art Deco stylized character carved by sculptor and architect Jan Goliński in 1933 at the Warsaw Water Filters plant. The mermaid is the emblematic symbol of the city of Warsaw, Poland. Jan…

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Large size clock Zodiac

The astonomical big clock The large size astronomical clock Zodiac drawns inspiration in the medieval clock of Prague (Czech Republic). According to sources, this clock has been created in the early of the XVth century. The dial depicts hour roman numbers with an inner other dial fitted with the 12…

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The Art Nouveau Metropolitain decoration

Metropolitain Art Nouveau wall decoration

Art Nouveau stylized subway entrances of the parisian underground, also called édicules (aedicula), were created and designed by the french architect Hector Guimard (1867-1942), after an open competition launched by the CMP (Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris), one of the ancestor of the actual RATP, the company…

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The modern clock Waterdrop

modern clock Waterdrop

Changing the design with a line Originally, this model of modern clock was drawn in a square-shaped dial, but this composition did not suit me at all. Searching for a much better and original composition, I simply modified a single line in order to give the contemporary clock Waterdrop its…

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Bookends presented in museum shops

Bookends Beethoven. Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation

Metal creations to promote Art and History Models of our metal bookend range are presented in several shops of museum in Warsaw. The first models selected were Judaica’s, created in 2013 for the opening of the Jewish Museum in Warsaw (Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN) erected on the place of…

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Original Polish Folk clocks

Wall clock Polish Folk

Polish folk original clocks New and very original clocks are proposed in the Polish folk collection. These creations depict a nice composition that drew together traditional Polish graphism inspired by the popular folklore and unique patterns of the emblematic paper cut art from Poland with the design of the “farandole”…

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