Large clocks for stunning decorations

Horloge Grand Format

» Several large clocks based on our range of clocks have been selected to create original ornaments and large size clocks well suited to enhance home decorations.

The exotic large clocks Colombus
The exotic large clocks Colombus (click to enlarge) © Tolonensis Creation

Customized decorations for individuals

The same level of quality and equipements such as german UTS Precision Quartz movements are used for design and fabrication. Various sizes, colours and finitions can be proposed.

Large clocks for companies

This kind of large clocks can be also customized and adapted for office’s decorations, meeting rooms and other places where corporate image needs to be highlighted.

Large exotic clock Colombus
Diameter 80 cm.
Steel laser cut.
Powder coating paint black matt.
UTS High Torque movement.
Design fastening system.

Design Jacques Lahitte
© Tolonensis Creation