Original large size Clock Colombus 80 cm

Horloge Grand Format

A big clock for a XXL pleasure

The original large size clock Colombus drawn inspiration on the original 40 cm standard model designed by Jacques Lahitte. The Colombus model is equally suitable for persons who are searching for exotic and colonial wall decorations.
Many people are interested in having a large wall ornament in their interior and clocks are well suited for enhancing home fittings and the rendering is really astonishing. This is the reason we adapted several of our models with new dial diameters between 78 (30.7″) and 86 cm (33.8″).
The fabrication and painting processes remain the same for a high quality result.
However, these clocks are equipped with special movements wich are required in order to manage big hands. Specifications of the UTS quartz mechanisms remain the same than standard movements in terms of precision and silence, but the torque is more powerfull. Movements are also protected by a special cover to prevent any dust obstruction.
The hanging is performed using a hook and stabilizator welded on the rear side.

Big size clock Colombus 80 cm Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation
Big size clock Colombus 80 cm (Click to enlarge) Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation

Features of the Colombus 80 cm clock

Steel Laser Cut DC01.
Black matt Powder Coating Paint.
UTS Silent Precision Quartz – High Torque (made in Germany).
Large Hands (silver or gold coloured).

Design Jacques Lahitte
© Tolonensis Creation

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