Specific design for Trumpf company

Tolonensis Creation designed a customized lmetal laser cut decoration for Trumpf Polska

A stunning gift for preferred customers

Trumpf Polska company asked for Tolonensis Creation to propose an original decoration using a specific design to be offered to their preferred customers during the opening event of their new headquarters and laser cutting centre in Warsaw.
An adaptation of our Chopin bookend was selected as a special concert featuring Chopin pieces was schedulded during that event at the great theater of Warsaw for customers and officials.
The original shapes were modified and the company logo has been adapted and cut on the piano left bookend.
A personalized printed packaging was also prepared for Trumpf Polska.
Features: Steel laser cut – Black matt powder coating painted – Height 18 cm (7″) – Anti-skid pads.

German Trumpf company is one of the worldwide leader in design and production of metal laser cutting machines. This project was successfully carried out for the polish subsidiary.

Adaptation of bookend Chopin for Trumpf company. Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation
Adaptation of the bookend Chopin for Trumpf Polska company. Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation