Decoration design and laser cut

From an idea to creation

Tolonensis Creation - Jacques Lahitte Designer and manager
Tolonensis Creation – Jacques Lahitte Designer and manager

Tolonensis Creation was founded by Jacques Lahitte in 2009.
The company is registered in Warsaw, Poland, where its manager and designer lives.
The first range of metal wall clocks has been designed the same year. Clocks are supplied under the brand deLorentis either directly through internet e-shops or via resellers.

Tolonensis Creation works in partnership with a highly specialized company located near Warsaw in metal laser cutting and which provides several modern platforms of industrial laser cutting machines.
Tolonensis Creation expended its field of activities in wall ornaments and wall decor design and also provides creations with decorative articles such as ambient lamps and original bookends.
Wall clock Pakmaniac has been recommended during the Warsaw Good Design contest 2012 held by the Institute of Industrial Design of Warsaw.

Customized creations by Tolonensis Creation

Tolonensis Creation is able to provide customized and personalized creations for individuals within their decorative project as well as specific decorative approaches for companies in order to enhance their corporate image and promotion of their activities.
These sphere of activities encompasses metal and paper laser cut of complex shapes and patterns within decorative projects dedicated for home fittings as well as decoration for reception, conference and office rooms and many other places where unique and original decorations can be designed and are expected.

Wall ornament/Clock CHR Hansen with Led lightning system
Wall ornament/Clock CHR Hansen with Led lightning system (Click to enlarge) Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation

A 1 meter customized wall ornament created for the french subsidiary of the danish CHR Hansen company, located near Paris, France. The decoration is equipped with a Led lightning system.

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